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For Kingdom and Country

Cover of For Kingdom and CountryRead An Extract of For Kingdom and Country

Author: I D Roberts

Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780749019655
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 17th September 2015

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Price: £19.99

Format: Hardback

Part of the series:
Kingdom Lock

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May 1915. Kingdom Lock and his faithful side-kick, Siddhartha Singh are gunned down on the streets of Basra and suspicion falls on German spy, Wilhelm Wassmuss. Major Ross believes Wassmuss is not only still alive but that he is behind the ssassination of a senior Turkish officer, the death of whom has been blamed on Lock. Meanwhile, Lock has discovered that Amy Townshend is pregnant and that the child is his. But the general’s daughter stubbornly refuses to break off her engagement with Bingham-Smith. Then, when Lock learns that there is a price on his head and every cutthroat and desperate man in the area is after the bounty, Ross sends him to the frontlines for his own safety...

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'Well-researched, fast paced and gutsy, the novels of Kingdom Lock are blisteringly good, reminiscent of Cornwell's early Sharpe novels'Ben Kane

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Another cracking read. Kingdom Lock is a great character. The story just keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to Book 3!!Deidre Amos

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I loved this book, as in Kingdom Lock, the main character is very JamesBond like and I feel i have learnt a lot about WW1 and the war that was happening in the middle east as well. Very informative, well researched, exciting! Loved it! Well done I.D. Roberts, once again.Julie Entley

A fantastic sequel to Kingdom Lock, a real page turner, looking forward to book threeSam Floyd

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