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Flipping Out

Cover of Flipping OutRead An Extract of Flipping Out

Author: Marshall Karp

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749007393
Rights: UK & Comm ex Canada
Pub. Date: 10th May 2010

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Price: £7.99

Format: Paperback

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Five cops. Drinking beer, playing cards, busting balls. I’ll never forget that Sunday night. It was the happiest time the five of us would ever spend together again.

A group of women, including Mike Lomax's girlfriend and Mrs Terry Biggs, have partnered with a bestselling mystery author for a lucrative side gig where the author writes in a death in an actual Hollywood home. Once the gossipmongers and ghoulish followers interest is piqued, the girls sell the house on for a tidy profit. 

Then one of the women and the famous author are both found dead and the rest of the women start worrying. Is there a serial killer on the loose? For Lomax and Biggs, this case has just become personal.

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'Lomax and Biggs are their usual wisecracking selves, and the plot is without doubt the best yet.'Booksmonthly

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'The plot stands out as both fresh and one that keeps you guessing...All of Marshall Karp’s books are like that though. His plots are unlike anything I’ve ever seen...His stories keep me wondering where he can come up with such intriguing storylines. The pace is quick, the humor sharp and refreshing, and the ending left me in a state of both shock and stunned silence...I strongly suggest Flipping Out, and all works by Marshall Karp. Friends, family, strangers, animals.Pretty much anything with eyes and a sense of humor.'John Masse, JP Community

'[A] satisfying...strongly-written book. The dialogue is still smacking me of realism, the plotting and characterisation as strong as before. 4 stars.'The Bookbag

'Karp has a great style of writing...[he] remains one of my favourite authors'Crimesquad

'It should be obligatory for Marshall Karp to bring out a new book every summer so that you can relax on the beach or on lengthy plane or train journeys with it....Karp is a natural storyteller who entices you into the story and keeps you there. We're not talking deep, dark and complex here – instead, you'll get snappy dialogue, witty asides and a good, fast-moving plot to hold the whole shebang together...Effortlessly should give this series a go'Reviewing the Evidence

‘Another cracking outing for Lomax and Biggs...Karp has such charm and the writing is so good...showing his excellence in dialogue combined with an inventive and entertaining plot...I read the book in a little under 24 hours, a sure sign that I was enjoying myself. So hats off to Marshall Karp for another funny, entertaining cop thriller. What more could you ask for?’Material Witness

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