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Finding Davey



Author Jonathan Gash
Rights World, excluding USA
ISBN 9780749013196
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When six-year-old Davey Charleston is kidnapped during a family holiday in Florida, his distraught parents finally accept that he cannot be found. They return to England to mourn the loss of their son. However, Davey’s grandfather, Bray, is not so williing to accept Davey’s disappearance; he knows it is down to him to rescue his young grandson.Suspecting that whoever took Davey will try to wash out any memory the boy has of his past, Bray begins to compile a series of children’s books, with the goal of making them popular in America. He hopes his grandson’s buried memories will be triggered and that Davey will be the only person capable of correctly answering his almost impossible trivia questions.With the aid of an unlikely trio of helpers, Bray sets out on his quest of finding Davey before his young grandson’s memory finally fades away.


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