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Fifth Victim

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Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749010522
Rights: UK & Comm ex. Can
Pub. Date: 30th July 2012

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Price: £7.99

Format: Paperback

Synopsis of book»

Bodyguard and ex-Special Forces soldier Charlie Fox would do anything to take her mind off her partner; shot, left for dead and now lying in a coma. So concentrating on a new assignment seemed like the perfect way to escape the pain, and her own empty apartment.

The job: to protect the naive daughter of an investment banker from a gang of kidnappers who prey on the children of the wealthy Long Island set. Kidnap is a lucrative crime for those with the nerve to pull it off. Usually those who disappear are returned unharmed - except this syndicate likes to take a piece of the victim as part of the pay-off.

Still, it all looked simple at first. A round of exclusive boutiques, charity auctions, luxurious parties aboard million-dollar yachts - and few risks for an experienced operative. But Charlie soon finds out that defending a girl determined to put herself in danger is far from easy. And when her instincts lead her to suspect an inside job, she discovers that not everyone who mingles with the jet-set is what they seem - and the idle rich can be as ruthless as any criminal…

What Critics Have Said»

'Absolutely stunning and could not put it down...a very detailed, but well plotted and researched book. Recommended.'Eurocrime

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'Books do not get better than this. If you haven’t read Zoë Sharp before, you are missing out on a real treat. Fifth Victim is one of her very best. To say it is outstanding is an understatement. Zoë Sharp is one of the top thriller writers around.'Deadly Pleasures

'I couldn’t put the book down and finished this magnificent novel in two days...Fifth Victim is electrifyingly imaginative and intelligent storyline that was married with a wonderful narrative...One of the great things about Fifth Victim was its pace [and] Charlie Fox is a terrific character...It’s clear Zoë Sharp knows her stuff and what it takes to deliver an intelligent and believable action thriller.Fifth Victim is a tremendous read; I only wish I’d picked up the book sooner...Compelling and provocative, Fifth Victim is highly recommended.'Milo Rambles

'Nail-biting...As always, Sharp injects the plot with enough adrenaline to keep the pages flipping while maintaining the suspense over Charlie’s state of mind and the fate of her partner.'Publishers Weekly

'Sharp provides a gripping tale of nonstop action, with a protagonist whose background and moral sense make her more than just a super-tough agent on an adrenaline-fueled mission, or an avenger seeking to right a wrong. With a final twist that will leave fans anxious for the next Charlie Fox outing, this is hard-edged crime fiction at its best.'Booklist (starred review)

'What you've got with FIFTH VICTIM is a plot that defines page-turner...[It] starts with a bang and carries on at high octane pace for the next 400 pages...What sets her apart from a number of the wham-bam thriller writers is the characterisation – these are all immensely believable characters – and the continuing story arc for Charlie across the books. The private life angst is important, but never unbalances the story... Zoë Sharp's books are well worth searching out if you haven't found them.'

'As ever Sharp's writing is good and the characters well drawn. Charlie is a marvelous heroine...The book moves at a cracking pace towards a surprise ending with a jaw-dropping twist that has me eager for the next book. Not to be missed.'Mystery Women

'Charlie is a marvellous heroine, with a flawed past...As ever the writing is good and the characters well drawn. The book moves at a cracking pace towards a surprise ending with a jaw-dropping twist that has me eager for the next book. Not to be missed.'Eurocrime

[Zoë Sharp] creates a protagonist capable of getting into, and out of, one very challenging situation after another, and provides the reader with an exciting, eminently readable thriller along the way. The tension of the situation confronting Charlie in this entry, with Sean's life, or death, an uncertain constant, only adds to the suspense inherent in this well-written novel. Recommended.'I Love a Mystery

'This is another tense, well-plotted and immensely readable adventure, and one that will be welcomed by loyal followers...The Charlie Fox series is unique in so many ways, with a strong female lead character who has had to adapt so many times to her changing circumstances...If a male reader of a different generation is able to so easily identify with Charlie Fox, then Sharp is most definitely doing a heck of a lot right. So, fingers crossed that we don’t have to wait too long for more of Charlie!'It's a Crime! (Or a Mystery)

'Sharp’s heroine Charlie Fox has to be one of the best characters in the crime action thriller genre...Why an author as talented as Zoë Sharp is not much more publicly known and lauded is a mystery to me... Fifth Victim [is] an absolutely brilliant novel... I read one hell of a lot of these types of novels featuring fights, gunfights, explosions, car chases and more close shaves than a razor salesman. Very, very few of them get so many details right about the mundane details which set the scene, create the atmosphere, manage the pace or deal with the mechanics of the characters actions and thought processes. Zoë Sharp and Charlie Fox tick more boxes than most with her first person viewpoint and oftentimes caustic wit.'

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