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Fatal Flaw

Cover of Fatal Flaw

Author: Frank Smith

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749003203
Rights: UK & Comm.
Pub. Date: 1st December 1997

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Format: Paperback

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Monica Shaw, a pupil at Thornton Hill an exclusive school for girls, has killed herself. Or has she? The coroner is forced to close the case. DCI Paget is not satisfied.

A week later Paget is called to a brutal murder at the riding stables that adjoin Thornton Hill. Is there a coincidence? The victim is Victor Prestcott, a man with a past. He has a photograph of Dr Andrea McMillan and a child. Andrea McMillan is Paget's girlfriend.

Paget the policeman struggles with Paget the man as he refuses to accept the obvious - that Andrea is guilty. As he strips away the evasions and half-truths, is he unwittingly setting the scene for another murder?

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