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E-book, E-Book (USA), Hardback, Paperback

Author Tim Lebbon
Rights UK & Comm ex Canada
ISBN 9780749079987
Pages 528
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A vivid and epic journey that dares to cross the forbidden boundary separating us from all we fear – and desire – the most.

Shrouded in mystery from time immemorial, the Great Divide – a treacherous sheer cliff soaring miles into the clouds above – has long provoked curiosity and fear in Noreela’s human inhabitants. If anyone can penetrate the myths surrounding it, they will instantly enter into legend and garner wealth and glory beyond imagination.

The potent lure of promised fame and riches entices two Voyagers, Ramus and Nomi, to attempt the impossible and they embark on their perilous quest amid great secrecy. But with danger lurking in the shadows around them, they never suspect the greatest threat may lie within themselves… 

What The Critics Said

'An absolutely intriguing and gripping read...Interspersed with the ever-present sense of menace pervading almost every page are welcome bouts of humour which help to relieve the tension. The writing is excellent, with good descriptions of exotic locations, believable emotional depth and beautiful prose. This is a fantastic fantasy novel.'

Bridleton Free Press

'Tim Lebbon has created more mystery, intrigue and downright thrills than most fantasy writers achieve in an entire trilogy but more importantly he creates an emotional attachment to the main characters that many lesser writers never achieve...It’s a bloody good read, a fast paced, emotionally charged and skillful masterclass in fantasy writing....highly recommended.'

Highlander's Book Reviews

"Lebbon creates vivid and convincing...characters...blending wonder and nightmare in this dark and memorable novel"

Publishers Weekly

“Fallen is awesome, brilliant, amazing, a must-read... a treat in fantasy writing… A thoroughly enjoyable romp by a well established author at the peak of his game"

My Favourite Books Blog

‘If Lebbon continues writing Noreela Stories to this high standard, the series could be as exciting as George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels – definitely a series to watch – 4 stars’

SFX Magazine

‘An absorbing read that leaves you wanting to know more of Noreela and the strange things that abound there… Fast paced, brutal and fascinating, Fallen is a good introduction to this fantasy world.’


‘Indiana Jones meets The Twilight Zone…a fast-moving story, laced with action, a smattering of sex and a very pleasant sense of wonder… A rollicking read [and] a damn good yarn… gripping stuff. For the uninitiated, a good place to start your view of Noreela. For those who have visited before, this is the best yet. FALLEN could be a ‘best kept secret’ – one that eventually will be seen in the future as very cool to have been ‘in at’ at the beginning…’

‘An absolute cracker…Tim’s down-to-earth, gritty style is unique, and a welcome change from all those stuff fantasy epics you read. The dialogue is simple and earthy, the characters are superb, and the story coasts along, drawing you in. it’s a book you won’t want to put down, and the packaging is superlative. Fantastic.’

‘An amazing journey… a dark and fantastic world filled with amazing characters which is completely satisfying.'

South Wales Argus

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