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The Everlasting

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Author Tim Lebbon
Rights UK & Comm ex Canada
ISBN 9780749079086
Pages 384
Publication Date 28th August 2008
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Only Scott can keep the vengeful ghost from completing his unholy ritual.   Thirty years ago, Scott’s grandfather slaughtered his best friend, then committed suicide.  Now the spirit of the murdered man has returned, seeking the ancient volume that can return him to life – forever.

Pursued by this savage spirit and accompanied by a strange woman who claims to be immortal, Scott must do the impossible.  He must find the book that may have driven his grandfather to murder and destroy it before its secrets can be revealed.  His desperate search will take him places few living people have been, including the nightmare known as The House of the Screaming Skulls…

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  1. louise adcock

    This is the first book i have read by this author, i had to read it in two sittings, it grabbed me from the very first page.

    I love creepy books the creepier the better and this is fantastic keeps you on tenterhooks the whole read through.

    Will now have to get every other book he has every written.

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