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Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary: The A-Z Guide to Staying Alive

Cover of Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary: The A-Z Guide to Staying AliveRead An Extract of Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary: The A-Z Guide to Staying Alive

Author: Dr Dale

Genre: Humour & Gift Books
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749009229
Rights: World
Pub. Date: 25th October 2010

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

Worried about what to do in the event of zombie uprising? Well, worry no more!

Using his expertise gathered from years of research via films and Wikipedia, the world's leading (errr, only) Zombologist, Dr. Dale, has compiled this rigorously researched A-Z list of everything you need to know about zombies and zombie survival. This includes: how to recognise them, how to fight them and even how to classify them. He can answer your burning questions, such as “How can a sheep help defend me against the un-dead?”, “What will the response of the Women’s Institute be to an attack?” and “What’s the most useful style of dance to know in the event of the apocalypse?”

From the best kind of clothing to wear to the most appropriate songs to soundtrack all events of the apocalypse, this is the ultimate guide to preparing for and surviving the return of the un-dead.

Full money back guarantee offered should you die in a zombie apocalypse within 30 days of purchase.

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What Critics Have Said»

'This is great stocking stuffer for horror genre lovers who are looking for a extra boost of dead man walking life-saving humour.'Horror News

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'If you've ever questioned how useful Lorraine Kelly or a sheep would be in the midst of a zombie apocalypse - or find "The Zombie Survival Guide" a little dry - then Dr. Dale's Zombie Dictionary is most surely the book for you...Unlike "The Zombie Survival Guide", "World War Z "or some of its ilk, the book doesn't take itself too seriously...The advice given is useful, informative (it's helped me no end in Dead Rising 2) and very funny [but] despite there being a lot of jokes, Dr Dale never sacrifices good advice for a punchline... Everything a bit of good zombie literature should be.'The Horror Review Hole

'This was a hilarious and (I can't believe I'm saying this) "practical" guide that any genre fan with a modicum of good humour would enjoy'Midnitemedia

'With a lot of zombie media flooding the market these days it can be easy to overlook some really cool zombie related material such as, Dr Dale's "Zombie Dictionary The A-Z Guide To Staying Alive" which is a must-have for any collector of zombie swag... I personally had a blast reading this book... A well written and informative book...this would make a great gift both for the zombie expert in your life or for the aspiring zombie newbie and I recommend it to any zombie fan as a must read.'The Liberal Dead

'Unlike other similar books (like Brooks’ ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE), Seslick’s ZOMBIE DICTIONARY is done for humour, and it gets that humour right... If you want a really fun, fast, and hilarious read...pick up this book people. 5 out of 5.'Anything Horror

'With entries like Kangaroo, Knitting, Coconut, Umbrella, and Ikea, Dr. Dale will keep you guessing as to what he comes up with next! Lots of laughs, some good advice, really cool illustrations, and silly fun, Dr. Dale covers it all! A really fun overall read that I would highly recommend, definitely not your typical serious Zombie book! 5-stars'Zombie Hoard

'My instant mental reaction was to wonder if we really need more zombies... I mean, can a Zombie Dictionary released in 2010 really sustain itself and not become a one-note joke you've already heard? I'm happy to say that yes, it can. Because Dr. Dale's Zombie Dictionary is a very, very fun read...The book provides a lot of laughs, and there are plenty of truly interesting ideas inside the book too, including how Freud's idea of the Id might come into play...Dr Dale focuses on things you might not have considered about the zombie apocalypse, and keeps things light. That is the carm of the book. It makes sense along with zombie lore, but has a lot of fun with how to deal with the undead... I highly recommend it.'Prime & Prejudice

'The Dictionary is just great - hilarious and fun - while being a real guide to what one should do to prepare for a zombie outbreak. That may sound silly, but hey - why not be prepared for any eventuality and have some fun whilst learning to do so?... From cover to cover, the book is just an easy, enjoyable read and you can't ask for any more than that!'Caffeinated Joe

'Beyond witty...This in an excellent dictionary, extremely fun to read, and will create a riot of laughter. If anyone needs a longevity "ace in the hole" during the undead crisis then this book would be it. Prepare for zombie outbreaks and cackle while doing it. A real morale booster when civilization ends.'

'An information packed must-have for the Zombie enthusiast...reads more like a book than a dictionary. You wont wan’t to put it down, and your friend’s will want to “borrow” it. This book is a keeper.'

'If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh then there was a lot here that had me chuckling.‘Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary’ is full of little gems...[like] when Dale goes off on a mad tangent and comes up with something that’s completely unexpected but still manages to make perfect sense in terms of surviving the zombie onslaught. Take giraffes for example... [This] is a book that you won’t regret having at your side.'Graeme's Fantasy Book Review

'The book is very funny, and had me legitimately laughing my head off at several points. Many of the subjects covered are totally bizarre, and weird...but sometimes there is method to the madness. Dr Dale's logical assessment of the usage of giraffes during the apocalypse is both hilarious, and pure genius. The book is well worth buying, it is both useful, and funny, and is different enough to the other 'serious' survival guides...Recommended!'The Rotting Zombie

‘An excellent and humorous look at an all too serious and oft-neglected problem’Fortean Times

‘A glimpse into one of the most brilliant zombie-focused minds of our generation’

‘If you love your family and hate zombies, buy this book. Your wife will prefer it to flowers…’ The Zombie TimesThe Zombie Times -

'I was completely blown the f*ck away...I can almost guarantee this will be your new favourite book'Zombie Digest

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