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The Devil's Ribbon

Cover of The Devil's RibbonRead An Extract of The Devil's Ribbon

Author: D E Meredith

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749012519
Rights: UK & Comm ex Can
Pub. Date: 25th February 2013

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
Hatton & Roumande

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Synopsis of book»

The second book in the Hatton and Roumande mystery set in Victorian London and featuring one of the first forensic detectives

July, 1858. London swelters and trouble is brewing. Forensic scientist Professor Adolphus Hatton and his assistant Albert Roumande have a morgue full of cholera victims to attend to, but when a leading politician is murdered, Inspector Jeremiah Grey of Scotland Yard calls on Hatton and Roumande to help solve the case.

When it becomes clear they are dealing with a series of violent killings, the pair must find the connection between the victims – while unravelling a bombing campaign by a group of would-be terrorists and exploring the method of fingerprinting, their
newest forensic tool.

As the kaleidoscope of outlandish characters, dockside strikes, bomb blasts and violent retribution reaches a crescendo, Professor Hatton’s skills are tested to the limit.

What Critics Have Said»

‘This deeply atmospheric novel is rich in detail. Science mixes effectively with harrowing accounts of Ireland and violent unrest in London. It’s a fascinating blend which should establish Meredith and her forensic heroes as a team to watch’.D E Meredith, Crime Review

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'Captivating, relevant and exceptionally’s refreshing to be taken back to the very beginning of scientific investigations of crimes... This is a book that brings the events of over a century and a half ago bang up to date...a story so brilliantly rooted in the Victorian era [yet] so relevant to a modern reader.'Louise Reviews

'The Devil’s Ribbon introduces new characters that are fun, fascinating and thoroughly well-crafted... The sky is the limit for this series.'S J A Turney

'A well-plotted, darkly beguiling murder mystery that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of this genre'Good Book Guide

'Even more gripping than the first [book], Devoured,... D E Meredith gives a very vivid atmospheric picture of life at this time and I was transported by this wonderfully evocative story telling right back to Victorian London...All in all, a delightful and most extraordinary second novel...Strongly recommended.'Eurocrime

'As in the first novel, the atmosphere of the time is beautifully described and becomes very vivid for this particular reader...taken as a whole the cast is well put together and works brilliantly... This is quickly becoming a series one cannot afford to miss.'

'Nicely researched tale with some quirky characters which are rounded and well explored...This is the second book in the series by D.E.Meredith, with an interesting story, cleverly plotted narrative and a London that anyone who has read Dickens will recognise and relate to... A good read and one which will make the reader look forward to the next installment.'Mystery People

'The Devil’s Ribbon is an utterly compelling story of political intrigue and gruesome murder...totally moving...beautifully written. D E Meredith is a brilliant storyteller...I absolutely love spending time with Hatton and Roumande in their murky world of early forensics, murder and intrigue.'Angela Buckley

'It's crime, but not as you've ever read it before...D E Meredith successfully fuses the conventional appeal of the crime thriller with the scholarly delight in the past, evoking the atmosphere of London as surely as Dickens, drawing the reader into the social and intellectual ferment of the day...Right from the opening pages, we are hooked... The Devil's Ribbon is a must, not just for lovers of history and literary fiction, but ofr anyone in the long forensic road to Sielnt Witness and Waking the Dead.'Richmond Magazine

'The Devil’s Ribbon is a thrilling mystery set in the haunting squalor of Victorian London. Professor Hatton and Albert Roumande are excellent detectives and their use of period forensic investigative tools is innovative and entertaining ...[and] Meredith has succeeded in creating two efficient yet relatable central characters. This is an excellent instalment in the Hatton and Roumande series'Nudge Book Noir

'The atmosphere is...grim, with a truly Dickensian feel. [A] grand piece of Victoriana. Splendid entertainment.'Booksmonthly

'The Devil's Ribbon is an interesting, original concept - a sort of Victorian version of Silent Witness. Hatton and Roumande are portrayed as scientists at the cutting edge of forensics, searching corpses and murder scenes for clues, but also as real people with real lives and weaknesses...If you're looking for something a little different in crime fiction, The Devil's Ribbon is certainly a book to try...A readable, enjoyable story full of historical detail and horror.'Our Book Reviews Online

'D.E. Meredith deftly weaves a suspenseful and multi-faceted tale of political intrigue, abuses of power, long-held secrets, and insatiable bloodlust. Set just a decade after the devastating Great Famine in Ireland, and featuring a host of convincing characters, the story draws its inspiration from the long and bedevilled conflict between Ireland and the rest of Britain, an ugly and long-running drama from which neither side emerged unsullied. The Devil’s Ribbon reveals the author’s remarkable insight into an emotive, highly-charged and painful period of Anglo-Irish history. Painstakingly researched, this book is more thought-provoking than a Victorian crime novel has any right to be.'The Culture Vulture

'Superb...This is a deeply atmospheric novel, rich in historic detail...I read The Devil’s Ribbon in a single sitting. I was unable to put it down. Beautifully written and utterly compelling, the novel’s characters linger in the mind, as does the world it evokes. A wonderful reading experience... THE DEVIL'S RIBBON hardback is a thing of beauty. Quite apart from the stunning dust jacket, the cover beneath is equally striking. Appropriately there is a ribbon to mark your progress through the attractively scripted pages.'For Winter Nights

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