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Death on the Rive Nord

Cover of Death on the Rive NordRead An Extract of Death on the Rive Nord

Author: Adrian Magson

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749040635
Rights: World
Pub. Date: 30th April 2012

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Price: £7.99

Format: Paperback

Part of the series:
Lucas Rocco

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Synopsis of book»

Picardie, France.1963. A truck drops a group of illegal workers by a deserted stretch of canal in the dead of night near Poissons-les-Marais, desperate travellers in a pipeline, searching for a better life. Days later, one of them surfaces, stabbed to death.

For Inspector Lucas Rocco, finding the victim's fellow travellers presents problems. Most Algerian immigrants are welcome, but trawling for any who aren’t is a sensitive issue loaded with threats of civil unrest – something which terrifies his bosses in the Ministry. And when Rocco is ordered to stay away from one factory where he suspects illegals are employed, it goes against everything he knows.

However, his difficulties have barely begun. One of the illegals is a young woman with a small child, on the run from her brutal husband, Samir Farek, an Algerian gangster who has threatened to kill them both.

But Farek has another, bigger agenda: to take over as gang lord in Paris. With a history of disposing of anyone who crosses him – a fate he is happy to mete out even to a senior policeman who gets in his way – the potential consequences are frightening.

Caught between his instinct to protect a vulnerable woman and her child, of obeying bosses interested only in preserving the status quo, and facing the threat of a dangerous gangster who recognises no boundaries in the murderous pursuit of his plans, Rocco begins to wonder how long he can survive . . .


What Critics Have Said»

'Just occasionally, along comes a writer who measures up to our expectations of mystery and mayhem...An action-driven plot which leaves the reader breathless but wanting more. Adrian Magson is a classic crime star in the making.'Daily Mail

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'Gets you involved in his story from the word go... [and] there is a real pull to keep on reading...Magson keeps the interest high with engrossing detail on Rocco and his background and his new life in the backwaters of Poissons-Les-Marais – and creates a character with a real depth and solidity; facing problems that are well known and recognised in France.'The Connexion Magazine

'Clever and complex, this taut and chilling new novel from Adrian Magson is a spine-tingling treat.'Good Book Guide

'This second outing in Lucas Rocco's company is every bit as enjoyable as the first. The setting is as well-depicted as ever, as are the people who surround Rocco...A complex and thoroughly entertaining book that kept me interested and engaged through numerous twists and turns...As a main character, Rocco is every bit as strong as Martin Walker's Bruno Courrèges and will, I'm sure, hold a strong appeal to fans of that series as well as anyone who likes their crime stories to come with an authentic sense of place. It's nice to see a book where the setting blends so well with a genuinely good story. I'm extremely glad this has become a series and will certainly be back for the next when it appears.'

'The story moves on with tremendous pace... tense, clever... Inspector Lucas Rocco is a thoughtfully produced creation. I really enjoy these French historical noirish-style stories and I hope that we see more stories from this very gifted author in the future.'Eurocrime

'Death in the Rive Nord has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that propels you to read more, cheering on Rocco and his merry men who seem to be a little in awe of him. Possibly wishing they too were as maverick as he. You have to love Rocco. He is France’s answer to Jack Reacher – tall, dark, broad and dedicated to right the wrongs. I was enraptured by the whole adventure. I feel that Magson has a winner on his hands with Rocco. Lets just say this, ‘Death on the Rive Nord’ "c’est magnifique"! 5-stars!'

'A stunningly atmospheric follow up to Death in the Marais, which introduced Inspector Lucas Rocco, the story moves at a cracking pace, with the tension mounting with every page, I couldn’t read fast enough. A definite entry for your ‘not to be missed’ list.'Lizzie Hayes, Mystery Women

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Don't usually read a book with such energy more akin to my long forgotton teenage years but here is a real page turner for even 50 somethings like me. The second book in this excellent series of detective work in rural France in the 1960s. No attempt to dwell in a less troubled era; real crime here more Maigret than Heartbeat certainly but closer still in the story telling and mood created. Illegal workers, gangsters, corruption and people smuggling gives it its contemporary feel. Not just a police procedural novel but a genuine crime thriller with characters slowly emerging enhancing its richness not overwhelming the narrative that rumbles on a pace. Love the french setting and context of the stories and as at the end of any good book feel a sense of loss and eagerness for the development of this wonderful new detective.Richard Latham, Burton on Trent

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