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Death of a Blue Lantern

Cover of Death of a Blue Lantern


Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 26th May 2008

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Format: E-book

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Beijing, People`s Republic of China. Inspector Wang of the Public Security Bureau is expecting a pleasant and well-earned night out at the People`s Opera House. Instead, he finds himself face to face with a murder victim. A victim who has slipped through the hands of even China`s relentless system of mass surveillance.

Wang`s search for answers takes him into the underworld of the Chinese capital, into the secret, sinister world of Communist Party politics, and out to the ancient caves of Huashan, where a killer`s secret awaits discovery.

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'Does for China what Gorky Park did for Russia'Florida sun Sentinal

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'Fine plotting and a sharp-edged style'Publishers Weekly

'The ambivalent morailty of modern China is intelligently exposed, but not at the expense of a first-class crime story'Marcel Berlins, The Times

'Everything one can ask for in a crime novel - pace, excitement, and a skillfully contrasted cast of characters'Simon Brett

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