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Death and the Cornish Fiddler

Cover of Death and the Cornish Fiddler

Author: Deryn Lake

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
Pub. Date: 3rd December 2007

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
John Rawlings

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Synopsis of book»

The spring of 1765 brings a welcome sense of recovery to the recently widowed Apothecary John Rawlings, but his tentative peace of mind does not last for long: a young child disappears in strange circumstances at the Hellstone Floral Dance and a seemingly omnipresent blind musician is never far away. Whilst this mysterious figure intrigues Rawlings, the case of the missing child alarms him: he feels he must do all in his powers to attempt to rescue the young life.

Packed full of colourful historical detail, Death and the Cornish Fiddler is the eleventh book in the highly acclaimed John Rawlings series - a new masterpiece from the queen of Georgian fiction.


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Sparkly, lightly mannered good fun’Good Book Guide

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