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Cold Pursuit

Cover of Cold Pursuit

Author: Judith Cutler

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780749081676
Rights: World English
Pub. Date: 1st January 2006

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Price: £18.99

Format: Hardback

Synopsis of book»

When a colleague becomes seriously ill, Chief Superintendent Fran Harman has to delay her impending retirement to oversee an investigation into a recent spate of 'happy-slappings' and minor assaults in the area.

The wave of incidents has ignited a media furore and Fran soon finds herself having to spend as much time trying to control the press as trying to catch the criminals. However, the local reporter who initially broke the story may have personal reasons for taking such an avid interest in the case. 

As the crimes escalate in severity, Fran must call on all her resources in order to resolve the nightmare that has developed around her.


What Critics Have Said»

‘A superior police procedural…Cutler excels in weaving the complicated strands of different investigations and departmental tensions without ever confusing the reader…and the writing is a pleasure in and of itself’Deadly Pleasures

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‘Fran is a humane character of the type that Cutler creates with seeming ease, and her relationship with colleague ACC Mark Turner, and her regard for DCI Jill Tanner, are well-portrayed. This Kent-based story is composed with Cutler’s customary professionalism and will be welcomed by her many fans.’Tangled Web

‘This book continues in the excellent tradition of the previous stories in the entertaining book that holds attention right to the end.’

‘ [Cutler’s] latest series is by far her best...good, character driven crime fiction with a leading woman and supporting man you care

‘Both books are tightly-plotted and meticulously-constructed thrillers which give satisfying attention to the inner life of the protagonists...thoroughly recommended to fans of the genre.’Tribune

‘Cutler creates a believable world where even the police can get caught up in the tangled web of human emotions at the heart of every crime.’Yorkshire Post

‘Cutler’s book certainly stands out from the herd.Morning Star

‘good dramatic tension and pace throughout.’ … ‘a good, satisfying read.’The Bookbag

Very much a novel of today dealing with the frightening new style crimes that seem currently to be always in the news… Good mystery, and character development. A very enjoyable book.Mystery Women

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