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The Beekeeper's Apprentice

Cover of The Beekeeper's ApprenticeRead An Extract of The Beekeeper's Apprentice

Author: Laurie R King

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749009236
Rights: UK & Comm ex Can
Pub. Date: 27th December 2010

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Format: E-book

Part of the series:
Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes

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Synopsis of book»

1915. The great detective Sherlock Holmes is retired and quietly engaged in the study of honey bees when a young woman literally stumbles into him on the Sussex Downs. Fifteen years old, gawky, egotistical, and recently orphaned, Mary Russell displays an intellect to impress even Sherlock Holmes – and match him wit for wit.

Under his reluctant tutelage, this very modern twentieth-century woman proves a deft protégée and a fitting partner for the Victorian detective. In their first case together, they must track down a kidnapped American senator’s daughter and confront a truly cunning adversary – a bomber who has set trip-wires for the sleuths and who will stop at nothing to end their partnership.

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What Critics Have Said»

'This series are bestselling books because Laurie R. King captures the voice and character of Holmes as well as any of the thousand and more pastiches that have been written in imitation of Conan Doyle. But this is more than a mere copy. The narrative, in the voice of a now-old Mary, is completely absorbing and motivates the reader to want to read the rest of the series.'Historical Novels Review

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'This is a thrilling mystery story with twists, turns and upsets; romance and a young woman’s coming of age. A unique take on an old favourite, “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” will charm, intrigue and utterly absorb you!'The People's Friend

'All [Laurie R King books] without exception, leave me with a feeling of immense satisfaction at the quality of the story and the writing.'It's a Crime Blog

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I've just read this on my Kindle - and it was a revelation. It was the first time I've found an ebook un-putdownable, and the first time I've been travelling without a book. It really is a worthy successor to the Holmes books I read as a child, as more has been added to the stories - it's not just another Holmes-styled mystery. Well done! I want more.Julia Dunlop, Kerala India

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From the start I was amazed at how I could hear Holmes' voice, so clear speaking to me as I read. I was instantly catapulted into the incredible world of Mary Russell, one that I wish dearly that I could be a part of. Having never read any Sherlock Holmes and only a fleeting relationship through the medium of television, I don't think I've missed out on anything, and in fact, I now want to go and read the Conan Doyle books having gotten a taste for Holmes' wit and astounding cleverness.
I've just this evening finished the first book, The Beekeeper's Apprentice and now I desperately have to get my hands on the next book in this series, I have to know what next happens to sardonic Holmes, wilful Russel and dear Uncle John. Oh, and I'd love a cup of tea Mrs Hudson!Nicola Golding

An absolutely beautifully written, fantastically plotted, elegantly told gem of a novel. The perfect start to what promises to be a wonderful series. With characters that jump right off the page and into your heart this is a sure fire winner for fans of Sherlock Holmes and for those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting the great detective yet. Don't delay get your copy now!Penny Bullock, Lancaster

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