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All The Rage

Cover of All The Rage

Author: Paul Magrs

Genre: Literary Fiction
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749005689
Rights: UK & Comm. excl. Canada
Pub. Date: 1st July 2002

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Format: Paperback

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All The Rage is the story of a pop band - from their first appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest to the K-Tel Greatest Hits CD. Spanning the 1980s, the career of Things Fall Apart encompasses the best and the worst of the decade that taste forgot. It is all here; dodgy haircuts, fashion disasters, shoulderpads to die for, strangely familiar TV presenters and a sinister manager who makes Popstars 'nasty Nigel' seem like a saint.

Hugely funny and immensely readable, All The Rage is a fantastic new novel from one of the most respected literary figures in the country. Amidst the sequinned boob tubes and spangly jumpsuits is a superbly written and touching story about love, loss, dreams, disappointments, and the highs and lows of fame.

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I like this book, it's very funny.Priscilla

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'I really loved this book. My imagination was vividly evoked. Characterisations were full on, three dimensional and involving. Plot and structure fascinating. Most of all, it is a timeless narrative that captures the moment it is in. Magrs took me through my perfectly evoked teenage years and reminded me of my present thirty something cynicism. It read like a TV miniseries. A true camp masterpiece, I am exhausted from recommending it to my friends. Armistead Maupin needs to watch out. With the English writers Paul Magrs and Belinda Jones, we can offer a crackling fun alternative! I am hungry for more of these books that just make you feel good!'J. Breeds

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