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January Book Club Choice

The Musician`s Daughter by Rupert Holmes

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1940, San Francisco. Ray Sherwood, a jazz saxophonist, arrives in town with the Jack Donovan Orchestra and plenty of bad memories. When he is propositioned by two beautiful women on his very first day, he feels his luck could be changing...until one of the women plunges to her death just moments after speaking to him. The other woman, Gail, wants his help in orchestrating her avant-garde composition Swing Around the Sun, but there is more to Gail's motivations than meets the eye. There’s something strange and sinister going on in this spectacular city and Ray soon realises his past and his secrets are catching up with him. Ray is pulled along a trail of music, murder and espionage in a clever and intricately plotted mystery that entwines the reader in a web of love and war.

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