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Little Children by Tom Perrotta

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"Not that they would, but if any of the other mothers had asked how it was that Sarah, of all people, had ended up married, living in the suburbs, and caring full-time for a small child, she would have blamed it on a moment of weakness. At least that was how she described it to herself, though the explanation always seemed a bit threadbare. After all, what was adult life but one moment of weakness piled on top of another? Most people just fell in line like obiedient children, doing exactly what society expected them of them at any given moment, all the while pretending that they'd actually made some sort of choice."

Beneath the placid surface of suburbia, group of parents, trapped in middle-class stability, attempt to deal with marriage, kids and their suburban life in very different ways... For example, there's Mary Ann, a super-mom who has her life scheduled to a T; Todd, the handsome stay-at-home-dad who wants to reclaim his freedom; Sarah, a lapsed feminist who isn't quite sure how she ended up being a traditional wife and Larry, an ex-policeman bent on harrassing the local parriah to vent his life's frustrations. This is brilliantly perceptive novel - both comical, and the touchingly humane - and the worldwide bestseller that gets everyone talking...

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