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October Book Club Choice

A Changed Man by Francine Prose

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The compelling novel by one of America’s best-loved writers and National Book Award nominee.

When a young neo-Nazi named Vincent Nolan walks into the headquarters of a human rights foundation headed by a charismatic Holocaust survivor, Meyer Maslow, they don't quite know what to make of him. Vincent announces that he's making a radical change. His mission? To save guys like him from becoming guys like him. And so they take him in – not without some trepidation. Bonnie Kalem the foundation’s frazzled fund-raiser is semi-forced to invite Vincent into her home – as if, as a divorced mother of two teenage sons, she hasn’t got enough on her plate – but she has to believe that this is all for a good cause.

What are they to make of this rough-looking stranger who claims to have read Maslow’s books, whilst at the same time sporting Waffen SS tattoos under his shirtsleeves? Will Vincent be able to deal with becoming the foundation’s poster-boy? And why does Maslow begins to question his own philanthropic goals?

With astute insight into the care and feeding of rich donors, the dynamics between work, adult, and family relationships and what it takes to turn an average man into a mini celebrity, Francine Prose presents an absorbing story of changing views and values.

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