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D E Meredith Cool Extras


The Thames Valley History Festival Interview

Victorian crime writer D E Meredith talks to Glow Magazine about her books and influences, why she is 'knee-deep in corpses', what today's politicians could learn from the past and much more...


Borneo 1856: Ye Olde Travel Guide

Author DE Meredith, author of the historical crime novel Devoured, imagines a travel guide for those travelling to Borneo in 1856 for BBC History Magazine.



D E Meredith on The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing works like a recommendation chain-mail with authors answering the same 10 questions before inviting other authors to do the same thing. Here, Victorian crime-writer D E Meredith talks about her upcoming book The Devil's Ribbon and who she thinks should be The Next Big Thing...


Why I Write What I Don't Know

New writers are usually told to "write what you know", but here D E Meredith, author of the Hatton and Roumande Victorian Crime series explains On the Literary Sofa why she writes what she doesn't know...


Why a Book Can be Judged by its Cover

Strange Alliances interviews D E Meredith about the process of writing her first novel, Devoured, from the orginal idea to publication, her research on the Victorian period and forensics, writing Victorian dialogue and more...


D E Meredith reveals the dark inspiration behind Devoured

In an article written especially for Book Oxygen, author D E Meredith exposes the valuable links between experience and writing, revealing some of the dark origins behind her debut Devoured, the first novel in a the Hatton & Roumande series set in Victorian London and featuring one of the first forensic detectives.

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