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How Not to Write a Novel: Confessions of a Midlist Author

David Armstrong

Every week, agents and publishers in this country receive hundreds of manuscripts from would-be authors. Of these, fewer than one per cent will make it into print. David Armstrong was one of the one per-centers, his first crime novel plucked from the slush pile at a major publisher and pub...
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Writers` Questions and Answers

Gordon Wells

Writers' Questions and Answers is a mine of useful information for both the beginner and the more experienced writer alike. When you're just starting out you need all the help available and even those expanding their interests into different fields may also come across questions to which t...
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How To Write A Blockbuster

Sarah Harrison

The blockbusting novel is the stuff of writers' dreams. In How to Write a Blockbuster, Sarah Harrison draws on her own experience to tell you what you can do to make that dream into a reality.In this entertaining and inspiring guide she offers advice and observations on: What consti...
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