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The Prophecy

Cover of The ProphecyRead An Extract of The Prophecy

Author: John Kilgallon

Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thriller
Format: E-book
ISBN: 9780749008888
Rights: UK & Comm
Pub. Date: 12th July 2010

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Format: E-book

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Synopsis of book»

Oneida, New York
Upcoming author Sam Tynnan is violently assaulted and his latest manuscript, a controversial thriller, wiped from his computer. When world events begin to mirror those in his unpublished book, Sam realises his life is still in danger.

Salon-de-Provence, France
Nostradamus prophecies have been a lifelong obsession for Jean-Pierre. When he comes across an undiscovered quatrain, he suspects he holds the key to catastrophic world events. But who should he trust with this crucial information?

MI5 spook, Adel Al-Shaffir, heads a language ‘activity’ tracking centre at the forefront of hunting down the world’s leading terrorist. But now it seems there’s a new set of enemies on the scene. And they have a secret blueprint for their course of destruction. Timing is everything, but for Adel the sacrifices might be too great.

What Critics Have Said»

'A scarifying read...Kilgallon is a journalist who is respected for his coverage of such issues as terrorism and the Middle East. Utilising much of the information gleaned in the day job, Kilgallon parleys that into an urgent conspiracy thriller which may owe more than a little to the writings of Dan Brown, but is strongly individual.'Good Book Guide

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'[A] clever premise for an epic page-turner written with wit, compassion, highly evolved characters and a neat sideswipe at the power of mystical hokum to gull the gullible - 4 stars'The Telegraph

'A tightly written novel from new author Kilgallon sees him walk straight into the big league with a masterful tale of international intrigue and espionage'Crimesquad

''This is a chilling and thrilling novel, one in which real people start to wonder if they are insane, and have to come to terms with the terrifying reality that they are caught up in some monstrous reality that threatens their own life. Mesmerising.'Booksmonthly

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What You Say»                                                             Add your review »

I found this book was nothing like I expected - I was thrown into a fast paced thrilling read and couldn't put it down until it was complete. Maybe because this is not my normal genre or maybe it was because I needed a change but whatever it was I loved it. It was so nice to see things from another point of view when it comes to terrorism and it was from an Islamic point rather then a western point of view...a view that had me intrigued thoroughly throughout. John Kilgallon writes with an exceptional skill, he has been compared to many writers who I would say have outstanding talent and I can do nothing but agree with all those that said he was alike Sam Bourne ,Frederick Forsyth and Harlan Coben. Truly Outstanding and not only is his writing perfect but his characters and research where outstanding beyond belief too. John certainly has entered my reading life with a bang with this thrilling novel. One I would certainly recommend.The Readings of a Busy Mom, Birmingham

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This book is so far ahead of the general Dan Brown pack, I don't know where to start. I notice that the publishers put a comparison to Sam Bourne on the back cover - presumably to indicate that this was at the more intelligent end of the market - but for my money this was far grittier and dynamic than anything Bourne has written. Imagine Frederick Forsyth and Harlan Coben getting together to write a book that meshed prophecies and conspiracy theories with current day terrorism. So we get the best of Forsyth's research and knowledge with Harlan Coben's feel for gritty, switch-back plotting and characterization. The combination is wonderful. I've read only one past book as good as this in this genre, and that was Glenn Cooper's 'Library of the Dead' - but in my view 'The Prophecy' has the edge.Giles B

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