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Named of the Dragon

Cover of Named of the Dragon

Author: Susanna Kearsley

Genre: Women's Reads
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780749040260
Rights: UK & Comm
Pub. Date: 23rd September 2013

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Price: £7.99

Format: Paperback

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When one of her authors invites her to Wales for the Christmas holidays, literary agent Lyn Ravenshaw hopes to escape the nightmares that have plagued her since the death of her baby five years before. But shortly after she arrives at her host’s house, Lyn meets Elen, an emotionally fragile young widow who’s afraid for her infant son’s safety, and seems to view Lyn as the child’s protector.

As Lyn’s dreams become even more disturbing, she forms an unlikely alliance with a reclusive playwright, and is pulled into an ancient world of haunting legends and dangerous prophecies...where she will finally uncover the secret of her dreams.

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